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Need Cabinet Venting - We Have It!

If you have been having to leave your cabinet doors open because of heat, we have the products to solve your overheating issues!  click here for more info


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Cool Components manufactures cooling and venting products for today's residential systems. From spot cooling audio video and home theater components to venting cabinets and equipment closets, our products have been designed to protect components and systems from the heat that is naturally generated by today's technology systems. Protecting equipment prevents annoying thermal shutdowns and extends the life of equipment. 

 Specialty Products to Cool

  • Home Theater Cooling
  • Cooling Individual Audio Video Components
  • Venting Cabinets & Enclosures
  • Cooling Entire Rooms & Closets
  • Cooling & Venting Audio Video Equipment Racks
  • Venting Structured Wiring Enclosures with Sensitive Equipment Installed
  • Venting Recessed TV (Plasma & LCD) Applications
When several audio video components are installed in close proximity of one another, especially inside a cabinet or enclosure, overheating can cause the system to shut down or worse, fail all together. Heat can also slowly damage the components shortening the life of the equipment - in some cases, very significantly decreasing the life of the equipment. Our products help vent and circulate air, thus protecting individual components and entire systems.

First Time Visitors. If you are visiting our site for the time, please take advantage of the information we have related to what products are most appropriate for your application and also for product support. The primary sections to look through for information on our products are the Application Notes and also Frequently Asked Questions. For problems or issues with our products, please visit the Support section. Both of these sections are located across the top horizontal menu bar.

Dealers & Distributors. If you are an audio video dealer or distributor, please view the AV Professionals section on the top menu for additional information. If you are are a dealer and have not used our products yet, we believe you will find that they work extremely well in a variety of custom applications and are not only easy to install but also priced to meet even the most demanding budgets. If you are an audio video distributor, we would like to discuss distribution options with you. Please contact us so we can proceed to add our products to your line of products!

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Thanks again for visiting our site and please browse the site if you have equipment running hot and need equipment cooling, cabinet venting, or solutions for most any AV application. If you have any questions, please contact us.
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