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in Commercial, Industrial, Home Theater & Audio Video Cooling Solutions
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Here's What's Going on at Cool Components

There's A LOT happening at Cool Components and here's just a glimpse of some of the things that we are working on.

Professional Product Designation

Cool Components has always focused on professional grade products but with marketing being what it is today, other's make the claim with products that do not live up to what professionals actually use, it's more to seek credibility and sway non-professionals into believing their products are something they are not.  Cool Components is working hard to educate consumers on the difference in the products and why in the long term truly professional products not only better protect your systems but also end up being a better value and much better for the environment compared to 'disposable' products.  Non-professional products will rarely if ever satisfy the requirements for more demanding applications such as industrial, most commercial and higher end residential systems.

Aesthetic Series for Cabinet Cooling

In talking about Pro vs Retail products, this directly correlates to some companies understanding consumers and their architects and designers and understanding that only a rare few likes the look of a fan on the side of a thousand dollar cabinet, especially a $10,000 cabinet.  They don't want to see the fans let alone a temperature display...  Cool Components has worked with architects, engineers, designers, and AV dealers, we started as AV dealers and have been in construction and working with such professionals for over 30 years.  We know first hand that next to not having anything on the side of a cabinet, if something is required it should be as inconspicuous as possible.  This series of products has been designed to be just that.  There's going to be a range of products based on the level of airflow required but with minimal 'aesthetic distraction'.  The best part about this line is the products will be crazy easy to install and serve dual purposes, each product can be used for venting cabinetry or for set top cooling so they will be perfect for keeping in stock and on the trucks!

Enhanced Line of Inline Duct Fans  (Now SHIPPING!!!)

Cool Components is introducing a comprehensive line of inline duct fans featuring the best and latest technologies.  Two series will be introduced, a Residential and also a Professional Series with the Professional Series featuring Electronic Controlled (EC) units.  This means that while the fans are high voltage, they can be controlled using low voltage controllers.  Due to this, all of our low voltage controllers can be used and the fans operate in a smoother linear progression versus the usual step progression.  The full line is shipping now and perhaps the best news is while the fans are much more feature rich, the pricing will also be lower due to greater efficiency in the production.

Retail Products

While Cool Components will always be extremely dedicated to the professional markets, it just makes sense to take everything we know, everything we've learned, leverage the economies of scale we've gained in our 15 years of operation and bring products more directly to DIY customers and at prices that fit most any DIY budget.  We will not in any way compromise quality, that's a matter of reputation and principle, only through creativity and resourcefulness have we found ways to balance cost effectiveness with still offering the best quality products possible.

New Directions

As the leader of fan-based cooling products, it should be no surprise that we're usually one, or three, steps ahead and we are working on some very cool new things for next year and to perpetuate our innovative approach to system protection.  Next year you'll see us heading is some very new and exciting directions.  While competitors struggle to hold on and fight for a share of the market, Cool Components enjoys and is proud to be the most widely distributed products for the professional markets.

Cool Components is the leader in professional cooling solutions for industrial, mission critical commercial systems, as well as systems in homes, yachts, the list goes on and on........

Our products are found at NASA (both locations), the pentagon, the military including attack submarines and battleships, in the Senate chambers in DC and throughout the government.  We've sold to various defense contractors and some of the best and brightest companies such as Google and Facebook.  We OEM products for top name companies (cannot reveal who) and we are the most widely distributed brand of cooling products around the globe.  Our products are found in homes of all sizes and budgets, yachts, and businesses around the world and with coming up on 15 years in business, our commitment to quality and our customers is as unwavering today as it was back when we introduced our first products.

Quality vs Cheap.  Today the internet marketplace is flooded with various products, usually with very similar looking designs but don't be fooled, they are cheaper but are not the same in any way that matters (this is about cooling, effectiveness, functionality, service and support).  Competing products are cheap in price because they are made more cheaply and do not have associations with the professional marketplace.  This is a category of 'FAN-based cooling products' but yet not a single 'competitor' uses the high quality fans such as those found in our products. Cool Components was started after years of working with, selling, installing, supporting custom high end audio video systems.  These were systems ranging from a few thousand dollars to more often systems over $100,000 where cooling was a necessity in a world where the term 'necessity' is rarely used.  Our designs were born in the field, they were fully tested and tweaked by us in the field and then by our extensive network of awesome dealers!  With most of the competing companies the birth of their products began on our website and it's not hard to see one even copied us down to mimicking our logo!

Understanding Bearing Types. Often times these companies will even boast and provide false or incomplete information about using ball bearing or sleeve bearing fans without probably even understanding that they are not superior in any way.  In their defense, the fan companies feed them mis-information in an effort to represent their fans as being good quality.  This is where we tested hundreds of fans, not just took the word of fan manufacturers when we started out, we spent years doing this before launching our first products just to ensure we got it right.  The 'levitation' fans we use are the highest quality fans manufactured, the technologies are patented and are made to be installed vertically or horizontally, unlike every other fan/bearing type.  Other fans may indicate a long life but that does not mean they will continue to operate quietly and efficiently, only that they will keep spinning, hopefully.  Ultimately the difference is a product costing more, even significantly more in some cases, but our fundamental and unwavering commitment to quality is also how and why we have tens of thousands of products that have been out in the marketplace for well over 10 years and still going strong and still operating quietly!

Lifetime Products.  When was the last time you heard of a lifetime product?  Cool Components in an effort to simply offer the best products possible also accomplished making products that you purchase for a lifetime.  Yes, fans wear out, there are no magic fans but when they do, with just a little time and minimal effort our products can be made to function like new again and at minimal cost.  The design is conducive to easily servicing the products and while you will purchase new AV components and reconfigure your system several times over the years, your Cool Components cooling system will continue to serve your needs with minimal upkeep or improvement.

Custom vs Retail.  One fundamental difference with our products and our competitors is that our products are intended to be purchased ala carte.  This means by design we do not attempt to 'bundle' features primarily because no two systems are exactly the same which is something professionals understand and thus, one product does not 'fit all'.  Being able to design and customize a cooling solution is critical to not only the effectiveness but also the budget.  For example, in many cases you may not need or want any control, just a constantly running fan or just need it switched on and off with the components.  In other cases may just require basic on and off control or move toward more advanced controls featuring varying speed based on temperature, alarm features, contact closures...  Then of course when you want the ultimate control, our Advanced System Controller is truly the most advanced controller available.

 Specialty and Professional Products to Cool

  • Home Theater Cooling
  • Cooling Individual Audio Video Components
  • Venting Cabinets & Enclosures
  • Cooling Entire Rooms & Closets
  • Cooling & Venting Audio Video Equipment Racks
  • Venting Structured Wiring Enclosures with Sensitive Equipment Installed
  • Venting Recessed TV (Plasma & LCD/LED) Applications

First Time Visitors. If you are visiting our site for the time, please take advantage of the information we have related to what products are most appropriate for your application and also for product support. The primary sections to look through for information on our products are the Application Notes and also Frequently Asked Questions. For problems or issues with our products, please visit the Support section. Both of these sections are located across the top horizontal menu bar.

Dealers & Distributors. If you are an audio video dealer or distributor, please view the AV Professionals section on the top menu for additional information. If you are are a dealer and have not used our products yet, we believe you will find that they work extremely well in a variety of custom applications and are not only easy to install but also priced to meet even the most demanding budgets. If you are an audio video distributor, we would like to discuss distribution options with you. Please contact us so we can proceed to add our products to your line of products!

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Thanks again for visiting our site and please browse the site if you have equipment running hot and need equipment cooling, cabinet venting, or solutions for most any AV application. If you have any questions, please contact us.
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