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  Product Support Issues

Our products have been relatively support free due to the ease of application, installation, and our attention to quality in design, assembly, and testing.  However, there have been a couple of recurring issues. The following information addresses the key issues related to our products.  Before we continue, we would like to take this opportunity to apologize for any problems you may have encountered no matter the reason, and promise to do our best to resolve any issues that may arise with our products. If you are reading this page without having experienced a problem, we are certain the information provided will assist in avoiding the primary issues we have encountered.

    Connections & Polarity Reversals

Align 'Tip' to '+' - One of the primary problems encountered with our products is the reversing of polarity.  This refers to connecting positive to negative and negative to positive.  This occurs with our products by not properly aligning 'Tip' on the female connector, with '+' on the male connector.  Since all of our fans are now polarity protected, reversing polarity will not cause any damage to our products; the products will simply not operate. If you're experiencing a failure in operation in any of our products, the first thing to check would be to ensure that all connections are aligned properly for the correct polarity.

    Products are too loud or making funny noises!

Proper Setting.  Our products are intended to run between 7 and 9V DC.  They can be run at 12V but only when you want to run them aggressively.  An example of when to do this is if the equipment is installed in a closet where more aggressive airflow is desired (and usually necessary) but noise is not as much of an issue.  View this as a feature of our products, they can be run silently or more aggressively depending on the application.  The main point though is that when the products are run between 9 and 12V, they may be loud.

Installation.  With the installation, ensure that nothing is obstructing the airflow.

Odd noises.  With most of our products, if there are unusual noises coming from the unit, this may be an indicator of a defective fan (read below).  The main thing to check is to ensure that the fans are not creating noise through a vibration.  Usually this will not be an issue with the smaller products (cabinet vent) but the larger fans can create a vibration which is why we use special damping fan mounts.  Just ensure that the fans are not resting against anything.  Usually a fan can be identified by simply touching the unit (this will remove vibration) or removing the unit.  We have not had too many instances where vibrations have been an issue so if there is an odd noise, it is most likely a defective fan but these are good things to check prior to seeking replacement fans.

     I have plugged everything together and the products do not work?

Connections.   First, make sure that all of the connections are correct by aligning Tip to + on the connector ends.  Next, ensure that none of the connectors are loose.  Also, it is common to install everything; plug everything together; get it all working; and then go back and unplug things to reroute and secure all wiring.  It is very important that when doing this, to ensure that all connections are reconnected properly.

Power Supply.  If the products still are not working, ensure that the power supply is turned up to at least 7 V - this is done with the slide switch on the power supply.  If you want to test the power supply, when it is not under load (fans are not connected), the power supply will output around 18VDC on any of the settings.  If your voltmeter provides this reading, the power supply is operating normally.  Also, the failure rates on our power supplies are extremely low (well under .5%) so if there is a problem, it most likely is not with the power supply.

The second issue with power supplies is to ensure that the milliamp rating is within tolerances.  Now this typically will not be the reason the units/fans will not turn, but it can lead to long term failures.  One simple test if the power supply may be 'overworked' is if the unit gets extremely warm after a few hours of use.  The units will normally be warm but you should still be able to hold it in your hand without discomfort.

Further Troubleshooting.  If the connections are correct and the power supply is set properly, the next thing is remove any 'intermediary' items (y-cables, temp controllers, etc.) and try to plug the units to the power supply directly. 

Fan Failure.  If you have read this far, then you have probably experienced a failure in the fans.  The failure rates on our fans are also well below 'acceptable' failure rates but no manufacturing process is perfect. Solder connections can become loose or broken, or cables may experience shorts caused by excessive bending.  In any case, the fans will probably need to be replaced..

No Secret Cures.  If you have been through the above and the fans are still not working, there are no secret cures.  The next step in resolving this issue would be to contact us by using the Warranty & Returns Form and we will do whatever is necessary to resolve the issue.  With most of our products we can simply send a replacement fan, which means that you will not need to return anything to us.  Some products may require that you return the entire product for a replacement.

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