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Advanced System ControllersTC-ASC/TC-ASC-2
Advanced System Controllers
Advanced System Controllers
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Item Description
Fully Programmable Low Voltage Controllers
The Advanced and Dual Advanced System Controllers (TC-ASC/TC-ASC-2) are programmable thermostats that are ideal for controlling cooling units within an AV system.  Both units come complete with everything you need to control your cooling system including the temperture control sensor/s, fan power cable/s, and power supplies (Additional power cables required for multiple fan units). These units are only for low voltage fans and automatically turn fans on and off based on temperature. For more advanced, specialized applications these units also feature low voltage triggers for on and off control as well as contact closures that act in conjunction with advanced alarm features.


In addition to turning the fans on and off automatically, these units feature variable fan speed based on temperature and user programmable set points.  Not only do they provide the ability to program the on/off point, but also how quickly the fans rev up.  Fan speed can be set to 'Auto' for the variable fan speed or simply choose a fixed speed option - low, medium or high.  The alarm features an audible alarm which can be disabled if utilizing the contact closure relay.  The LED displays can be switched between Fahrenheit or Celsius and provide a constant temperature read out which makes programming very simple.  Besides offering two seperate controllers in one unit, the Dual Advanced System Controller (TC-ASC-2) can be rack mounted and features four 2.1mm Power Connections for powering other low voltage devices such as IP systems. The many features, combined with ease of use, make these controllers the best choice for professional installers.

  • Advanced Control for All Low Voltage Fans
  • Control for Fan On/Off, Fan Speed Control, and Alarm
  • Fully Programmable for Customized Control of Fan
  • Display Shows Temperature in Fahrenheit or Celsius
  • Low Voltage Trigger for Even Greater Control
  • Audible Alarm and Contact Closure on Alarm (NO and NC)
  • Attractive yet Durable Powder Coated Metal Housing
  • Available in a Single Standalone Version and a Dual Unit Which is Also Rack Mountable 

General Specifications
Unit Dimensions:         5.5"W x 4.25"D x 1.5"H (TC-ASC)
                                 17"W x 5.25"D x 1.875"H (w/feet) x 1.75"H (wo/feet) (TC-ASC-2)
Construction:              Heavy Gauge Steel (Black Powder Coating)
Power Specifications
Power Connection:      2.5mm Coax Connection (Ensure proper polarity)
Accessory Power:       4 - 2.1mm Coax Connectors (2 Accessory Power Cables 
                                 Included with the TC-ASC-2)
Input Voltage:             12V DC (Power Supply Included with Both Units)
Current - Amp:            Output Rated at 2 Amps (TC-ASC)
                                 Output Rated at 4 - 5 Amps (TC-ASC-2)
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