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Cabinet Toe Kick Vent SystemVS-CTK
Cabinet Toe Kick Vent System
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Pricing Information
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Item Description
Pull Cool Air in Through the Toe Kick

This system is perfect for installing in a cabinet to draw cooler air into the cabinet from the toe kick making the installation virtually invisible. The Cabinet Vent easily installs in the base (bottom) of the cabinet and the rectangular grill in the toe kick. This way, air is pulled through the toe kick and directly into the cabinet.  This system can be easily installed either when the cabinet is in place or during the construction of the cabinet.

This package includes one self-contained Cabinet Vent fan unit, a power supply, and a low profile toe kick vent grill.  The toe kick grills are available in black and white plastic or maple, oak, and teak wood.

  • Quietly and Effectively Draws Cool Air into a Cabinet
  • Complete Package for Easy Ordering
  • Quiet & Efficient Operation
  • Quick and Easy Installation in Wood Cabinets (Not compatible with most rack systems)
  • Utilizes Variable Voltage Power Supply to Adjust Fan Speed based on the Application
  • Compatible with the Temperature Controllers (TC- BSC, TC-ALT & TC-ASC)

General Specifications
Dimensions: Toe Kick Grill
Plastic Toe Kick Grill:              W - 2 5/8” x L - 17 1/2” (6.7cm x 44.5)
Wood Toe Kick Grill:                W - 3” x L - 17” (7.6cm x 43.2)
Cutout for Wood & Plastic:       W - 2" x  L 15 3/8" (5cm x 39)
Fan Unit:                                See Cabinet Vent for Detailed Spec's
Fan System:                           1 Brushless Magnetic Levitation Fan (Est. 50,000 hrs.)
Air Flow:                                 13 CFM (Max)
Noise:                                     Silent to ~28 dba
Req’d Hole Size:                      3 1/8” or 3 1/4" (80mm) for Cabinet Vent

Power Specifications

Includes PS-300 Power Supply

Connection:                2-Pin FastWire Power System (Ensure proper polarity - Tip to +)
Voltage:                     5 to 9V DC for Normal Operation or 9-12V for More Aggressive Cooling 
Current :                     58 milliamps at 12V DC
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