Cooling Systems:  Cabinets & Enclosures


Cabinets and enclosures typically require some degree of cooling and ventilation due to the fact that by the nature of the design, airflow is restricted.  Our products have been designed to not only perform extremely well in cabinets and enclosures, but are also easy to install even in tight spaces.

For venting cabinets, we have several products that should provide perfect ventilation for most cabinet installations. 

Slim Vent.  This unit is only intended to be used when clearances are tight.  It is easily installed in cabinets and the front grill is the same as the Cabinet Vent but the rear of the housing only extends approximately an inch compared to approximately 3” with the Cabinet Vent.  The unit does not move quite as much air as the Cabinet Vent but is still very effective.

Cabinet Vent.  This is our most popular product for venting cabinets and enclosures.  It is easily installed and can be used for most applications where equipment is installed in a cabinet.  This unit can also be purchased in a package that includes two units, a power cable, and power supply.

HiFlo Lite Vent.   This is a very aggressive unit to vent and cool cabinets and enclosures of all sizes.  Installation typically is not as easy as the cabinet vents as it requires a square hole to be cut but for more demanding situations, it will be well worth the few extra minutes and extra care.  There is an alternative way to mount the unit during installation which utilizes a round hole.  A 3-3.5'' hole can be cut and then fan assembly can be mounted inside the cabinet up against the hole (not recessed).

HiFlo Basic System.   This is an extremely aggressive unit and is only appropriate when signficant equipment is installed in a cabinet or enclosure.  This would only be appropriate for a small fraction of systems.

Toe Kick Vent.   This system is to supply cool air in cabinets.  It is typically installed in the toe kick of the cabinet.  The grill is intended to simply open the toe kick and then the fan unit is installed in the base of the cabinet.  It is easily installed and provides a nice clean look.

Universal Cooler.   This product, while very universal for other applications, is appropriate for cabinets where there are not doors and a significant amount of airflow is necessary.  By installing the unit in the top back of a cabinet as it will facilitate the convection process in the cabinet.  This should be used if cabinet vents cannot be used for whatever reason and general circulation is required.

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