Cool Components began in 2004 after years of experience in the custom audio video field.  At that point the main option for equipment cooling was to go to the local 'shack' and pick up some 'computer fans' and a power supply...  The need was solidified on two projects, one was a $200k install including a home theater which also housed the equipment and after all was said and done, the theater room was 3 to 5 degrees warmer than the rest of the home which if anything should be cooler!  The other situation was gave cabinet makers the dimensions of components who read it as being the opening size so components  literally scraping on the sides being installed in a huge customer cabinet and of course needed some cooling!

Cool Components began with a commitment to the residential industry and to this day still have that unmatched commitment.  Of course we have expanded into commercial and industrial markets which have different requirements but our hearts will always be with the residential market and ensuring having the best quality products which includes designs to make installation easy, an aesthetic that designers will approve of, service second to none and products simply built to last and last a lifetime with basic maintenance (fan replacement anywhere from 5 to 15 years, spec is to last 5 years but have had some units in service well after 10 years).

At this point Cool Components has customers around the globe, has been the leading cooling company for countless years once got our stats combined with SnapAV's.  We make (OEM) products for some big names (contractually can't disclose) but our products are not only in homes and businesses around the globe but also throughout the military, it was cool to know our products were going in naval attack subs, throughout the government including a shipment to the US Senate chambers.  We're in luxury yachts and throughout big tech...

Different Approach

We've always taken a different approach and that still remains today.  Probably the biggest thing that sets us apart is we're not greed focused.  We make recommendations for what will work best, not what makes us the most money.  Our products are literally built to last a lifetime versus being disposable and not having products strategically last just long enough to have folks coming to buy again and often times that means going back to the drawing board on the design of the cooling systems...  We also design our products with only a few exceptions to be modular or could say, ala carte.  Why you may ask, integrated components are much more convenient but are they really?  Again, our focus and commitment is to the custom industry and that means to have options that best fit with a project.  The best example is temperature control.  Integrated products have the fans, the controller, maybe even power supply built into the unit but what if do not want to control the fans?  What if want a solid state thermal switch that should 30 years versus an electronic controller that will last far less?  What if want basic control vs all the bells and whistles?  A HUGE is also failure points.  Troubleshooting a unit that has fans and an external power supplies take literally seconds.  Troubleshooting an integrated products can often times be impossible.  If that controller is external troubleshooting is also a breeze and so is replacing the defective part versus throwing away a bunch of parts that are still good but the bad part can't feasibly be repaired.

Probably one of the oddest things that sets us apart and say odd because other's have not done the same, is we use fans with more modern technology.  Ball bearing and sleeve fans have their place in the world but not in these applications and especially when noise is an issue.  Ball bearing fans by the nature of the beast very simply get louder as time goes on so yes, that product may come out of the box running quietly but depending on the frequency of operation, bearing noise can start appearing within just a matter of months.  You really still not notice it until one day you do and wonder what that noise is.  These products may last, and I just mean the fans will run, as long as ours which use magnetic bearings, but after a few years the fans will be much louder and to a lot of people that's an annoying noise, not nice and soothing like lightly crashing ocean waves!

The bottom line is Cool Components puts our customers before all else and that shows in our designs, components, customer service and support! 

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We are located in Tampa, Florida.  We stock and ship everything from our own warehouse in Tampa.

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