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Component Cooling System CP-CC
Component Cooling System
Same Width as Full Size AV Components
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Item Description

There are four versions of this product; the differences are in the configurations.  The name and item numbers identify the different configurations.  The 2FN unit includes 2 - 92mm fans, and the 4FN unit includes 4 - 92mm fans.  Both the 2FN and 4FN are configured to draw air from the bottom of the unit and exhaust through the top.  The 4WC unit is pre-configured with the optional Cover Plate to direct all of the exhaust out the front of the unit.  The Fully Loaded version includes 4 - 92mm fans that draw air from the bottom of the unit and exhaust through the top, as well as 4 blowers in the front of the unit that draw air from the bottom of the unit and direct it out the front of the unit.


Due to the heavy duty construction, heavy amplifiers and receivers can be placed directly on top of these units or you can stack them between components.  These units feature top-quality 92mm levitation fans and blowers that are mounted using a special vibration damping system which eliminates noise caused by fan vibration and also facilitates easily changing the direction of the airflow. The units operate on DC voltage and by adjusting the voltage, the unit can be run quietly or more aggressively, depending on the application. These units are ideal for directly cooling amplifiers and receivers installed in cabinetry or rack systems.  All versions come with rack mounting hardware as well as rubber feet for stacking applications.


2-Fan Component Unit.  The 2FN version may not be as aggressive as the 4 Fan or Fully Loaded, but it is still comparable to most other products on the market - the difference is that those products do not offer the extra features of the other versions however.  This unit and configuration is still considered very aggressive and versatile for a full sized cooling unit (same width as standard components).  It circulates air away from components thus protecting equipment from heat accumulations and failures. This unit also allows for, and provides more advanced and unique features than other products on the market.


4-Fan Component Unit.  The 4FN version is more aggressive than other full sized units and, as with the other versions, the fans are easily reversed which separates them from the others. This way you can very aggressively move air upwards or downwards which means that whether you set a component on top of this cooler, or the cooler on top of the component, you can easily direct air away from the component.


4-Fan w/Cover Component Unit. The 4WC unit has the same 4 - 92mm fans as the 4FN unit, but is pre-configured with the optional Cover Plate installed on the housing and the airflow of the fans is reversed.  The unit, in its factory configuration, is designed to be used in applications that require all of the exhaust to be directed out the front of the unit.  Depending upon how the unit is positioned, with the fans exposed on the top of the unit or the bottom, it can be used to pull air from below or above and direct it out the front of the unit.  By reversing the factory airflow configuration, the unit can also be configured to pull air in from the front of the unit and direct it upwards or downwards.


Fully Loaded Component Unit.  Hold onto your hat if you're considering the Fully Loaded (FL) version!  With definitely nothing like it on the market, it moves a ridiculous amount of air and, even better, it can be operated quietly.  Not only does it feature the aggressive airflow upwards or downwards, it has 4 blowers installed in the front of the unit for directing air out the front of the unit.  This version would be most appropriately used on top of components due to this feature and is definitely not for all applications.  Most residential applications do not require this amount of airflow but when it is needed, you know where to find it!


These Units Include Power Supplies


  • Engineered To Quietly & Aggressively Cool Full Sized Components - Large Amps, Receivers, etc
  • Universal Applications: Rack Mountable or Stack Between Components (Rack Mount Ears Included)
  • Compact: Less the 2 in Height and Only 1 Rack Unit (1RU)
  • Utilizes Specially Manufactured 92mm Levitation (Brushless & Vapo Bearings) Fans for Longer Life (Estimated 50,000 hours)
  • Fans Mounted Using Specialty Mounting System to Absorb Fan Vibration for Quieter Operation
  • Fans Easily Reversible for Directing Air Upward or Downward Depending on the Application
  • Uses Variable Voltage Power Supply to Adjust Fan Speed and Compatible with Temperature Controllers - TC-BSC, TC-ALT and TC-AC (Note: TC-AC is not recommended for the CP-CC-FL)
  • Additional Configurations and Options:  2FN Unit: 2 Fans.  4FN Unit:  2 Additional 92mm Fans for Extreme Cooling.  FL Unit:  4 Fans plus 4 Additional Blowers to Exhaust Air out the Front of the Unit.

General Specifications  2FN / 4FN / 4WC / FL

Dimensions:             W - 17" x D 13.4" x H 1.7" (43x34x4cm) Without Feet
                               W - 17" x D 13.4" x H 2.25" (43x34x6.7cm) With Feet
Construction:            Heavy Gauge Steel (Painted Black)
Cooling System:       Brushless 92mm Magnetic Levitation Fans (Est. 60,000 hrs.)
Air Flow:                  ~65-130CFM / ~120-260CFM  / ~120-260CFM  / ~135-278CFM

Power Specifications

Noise:                      Dependent on Settings (Can be run quietly)
Power Connection:    2.1mm Coax Connector w/ 2-Pin FastWire System
                               (Ensure proper polarity)
Voltage:                   7 to 9V DC for Normal Operation or 9 to 12V for More
                               Aggressive Cooling 
Current:                    400mA  / 800mA / 960mA  at 12V DC
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