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Cool ShelvesRK-CS
Cool Shelves
Featuring Integrated Cooling!!!
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Item Description
Rack Shelves with Built-In Cooling
While others have vented shelves, we have integrated fans in our shelves!  Not only are the shelves extremely sturdy, they also feature built-in fans with different configuration options as well as wire management features.
The 2RU shelf features a 2-fan assembly in each side and two optional 2-fan assemblies in the bottom of the shelf.  The 3RU shelf features a 4-fan assembly in each side and two optional 2-fan assemblies in the bottom of the shelf. The 4RU shelf offers extreme cooling and features two 4-fan assemblies in each side and two optional 2-fan assemblies in the bottom of the shelf. 
Each shelf comes with the fan assemblies for the sides and the fans for the bottom are purchased separately.  The fans can be configured to blow air onto a component, away from the component, or create a cross flow of air.

Beyond the concept of integrated cooling and solid construction, these shelves are a tremendous value when considering the cooling products which are already built-in.  Additional value is created when adding the optional bottom fan assemblies since only fan assemblies are required, not complete units.
Each shelf includes at least Two Fan Assemblies and a Power Supply
  • 2RU, 3RU, & 4RU Shelves for Use in Standard 19 Equipment Racks
  • Sturdy Construction Supports Large Components
  • Integrated Cooling in Sides and Bottom with Various Airflow Patterns Possible
  • Quiet, Long Lasting Brushless Magnetic Levitation Fans
  • Wire Management Built Into the Back of the each Shelf
  • Fans Utilize Variable Voltage Power Supply to Adjust Fan Speed
  • Compatible with Temperature Controllers (TC-BSC, TC-ALT, & TC-ASC's)

General Specifications

Dimensions:         W - 19 x D 19 x H 3.5" (2RU)
                           W - 19 x D 19 x H 5.25 (3RU)
                           W - 19 x D 19 x H " (4RU)
Construction:        Heavy Gauge Steel (Black Powder Coating)
Cooling System:   2RU Includes: 2 - 2-Fan Assemblies - 2 x 50mm Brushless DC Fans
                           3RU Includes: 2 - 4-Fan Assemblies - 2 x 50mm Brushless DC Fans
                           4RU Includes: 4 - 4-Fan Assemblies - 2 x 50mm Brushless DC Fans
                           Optional: 2 - 2-Fan Assemblies for Use in Bottom of Shelf
Air Flow:              35-80 CFM (2RU)
                                    70-120 CFM (3RU)
                           110-200 CFM (4RU)

Power Specifications

Power Supply:       2RU & 3RU: Includes 500mA Variable Voltage Power Supply
                            4RU: Includes 1000mA Variable Voltage Power Supply
Voltage:                7-9V DC for Normal Operation or 9-12V for More Aggressive Cooling 
Current:                2RU: 180mA at 12V DC (2RU) 360mA w/Optional Fan Assemblies
                             3RU: 360mA at 12V DC  (3RU) 480mA w/Optional Fan Assemblies
                            4RU: 680mA at 12V DC (4RU) 840mA w/Optional Fan Assemblies
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