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  Comments from the Cool Customers

What we hope you'll see by the following customer comments is an extreme commitment to providing the best possible customer service along with quality products. We should also note that some of the comments originated because something went awry somewhere in the process - there was a product issue or perhaps a mistake on our part, the customer's part, etc.  Mistakes do happen - it's all a matter of how you deal with it!  When there are issues, no matter what it is or who is at fault, we deal with it quickly and in a way to ensure complete customer satisfaction and that's our promise to you!
Note: The comments may have been slightly edited to shorten or simply leave out unnecessary info.
From Mikel M - this review was submitted on one of our Distributor's websites and is in reference to the FK-120-2
These things BLOW!... In a good way!  They are very strong fans that are quiet and super simple to install in racks.
From Tim S - customer had questions about proper installation of a product
I am writing to commend one of your support techs. Ron recieved my email w/ technical questions and responded in a timely fashion. Upon realizing the problem, he considered the fastest resolution to my problem was to call me directly! Frankly, I was stunned, STUNNED! In an age where most companies throw you into a labyrinth of phone mazes, or dont respond at all, your company takes initiative and calls the customer directly?!!? AMAZING!! I WILL be telling others about this awesome experience! Thanks again...
From Todd P - customer had trouble with coupon code so he just ordered without it - the processing department caught that and applied the coupon code to order anyway
Holy crap, not only was it excellent customer service Mike, it arrived this afternoon! Unbelievable!  Thank you, you have just made me an extremely happy, soon to be repeat customer!
From John H - customer selected 3-Day Select shipping but was only charged for Ground shipping since transit time to his location was only 2 days
Thanks for the thoughtful customer service!
From Michael R - needed warranty service.
I'm really shocked by the quick and professional serivce I received. From now on I am only going to offer cool components to my customers. You've got a loyal dealer here!
 From John B - needed warranty service for his fans.
Received the replacement fan and appreciate your help.  Have a great holiday.  Your company is A+ in my book!!
From Eric - Used a cooling unit to cool a home theater receiver.
The cooler is amazing...  On touch the temperature has dropped like...50+%... Great! Thanx
From Earl - Used our fans to cool the projectors for the Burning Man event in the summer heat of the desert!
I do want to thank you for your help with the project. The fan was amazingly quiet! I'll be sure to keep you in mind for our next project that requires cooling. 
From Paul B

Oh, I completely agree, and you are to be celebrated for trying to steer your customers to do the right thing for their entire environment.  It would be easy for you to just sell the equipment, but you've gone the next step (and possibly at the cost of lost sales) to help your customers consider the bigger picture.  The world needs more people like you!

From Jeff M

Wow!! Great Feedback!...Thanks again for your effort. I will definitely use your products...I am glad I found such a knowledgable resource and source for components!
 From Paul R
Was really great to see an instantaneous reply to my concerns...!

From Spyros

I appreciate how you handled the customer support issue and will strongly recommend your product to anyone that asks.  By the way, I have tried other cooling units, from ********, and do not even come close to quality or features.  I had serious cooling issues in the past and have been completely resolved now. 
Thank you offering such a well built product (referring to the Component Unit).  I wouldn't even run the new HD DVD dual tuner SAT receivers without one.  The HDMI ports overheat and shut down otherwise.
From Matt C
Nothing like some solid customer service and prompt feedback to make me feel good about you guys, promise to spread the word.  Thanks a ton.
From Harry W
Thanks again for all your help and you will hear from me when my new stereo cabinet is done.
From Jim H
Thanks for the quick response.  It's a pleasure doing business over the internet with a company that actually responds, let alone in a timely manor.
 From Jim D
I compared your products to several other's and thought you had it all in one place ... Thanks for the speedy filling of the order....
From Brian W
Thank. It arrived today. Looking forward to low noise fans right now it sounds like a airplane trying to watch TV. (referring to other products that were in use)
 From Levi A
I really appreciate the great service!
From Tony G
Thanks for the quick and complete response! Indeed an unexpected and pleasant surprise, thank you.... Somehow I stumbled across your product in my frustration of finding a better cooling device and haven't found anything as versatile as this.  For what it's worth, I ordered and will be returning a similar unit made by[the other company] .  I've had [their] unit placed in the configuration I mentioned for about a week and found it is rather ineffective. If anything, with their downdraft setup I found my amp was actually hotter since it delivered recirculated hot air back into the unit.
 From Roy L
It is all hooked up and working perfectly! Thank you for your support.
From Vanessa A - A comment regarding after the sale issue.
You're Awsome! Thanks!
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