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Audio Video Components in an Entertainment Center

Entertainment Center

Customer has a Playstation 3 and Surround Sound Receiver on the Left Side and a Cable Box and DVD Player on the Right Side. The DVD player locked up due to heat. There is a single hole between the left and right side for wiring.
General Notes:
This is a very demanding situation because anytime a game box is in a system, we know there is the potential for a lot of heat. The surround sound receiver and cable box also generate a lot of heat. This is also a nice piece of furniture so aethetics are very important but venting it through the back is an easy solution. As always though, it is important to ensure components have plenty of spacing between them so there is a certain amount of natural airflow around the components.

Response to Customer:

Note:  We had previously discussed using a HiFlo Lite unit until he sent over the photo and we saw that is has separate areas for components.

Hey Sean - Actually in seeing this, you should look at the Cabinet Vent Package and vent out the back of the cabinet. Either that or the Slim Vent package. I'm a little concerned that it may not be enough airflow but if we have to, we can swap out the Cabinet or Slim Vents for some HiFlo Lites. Another option is to just get two HiFlo Lites, a y-cable, and 500mA power supply and you'll be all set (we donít have those in a package yet). Or instead of sharing a power supply, power them individually and switch them from the equipment or get a Basic Temperature Controller for one or each side.
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