Fan control is an important topic because the bottom line is you want the fans to do the job, no more, no less and there are different control strategies and products to meet the needs of most every application.

Without a Fan Controller, you can:

  • Simply run the fan full time
  • You turn fans on and off with a switched outlet
  • Turn fans on and off with a 3rd party control system 

Cool Components Fan Controller Units (Quick Overview)

Basic Controller (TC-BSC)
  • On/Off control only
  • Fixed temperature set points (80F, 90F, 100F, 110F) 

Advanced LT (TC-ALT, ALT-PRO, ALT-3FN) 
  • On/Off and Variable Speed control
  • Multiple fan and alarm modes depending on the version (Fixed set points)
  • The 3 fan version is great for independently controlling 3 fans in a system
  • Compatible with All CCI Low Voltage Fan Products (Everything except IDF units)

Advanced System Controllers (TC-ASC & TC-ASC-2) 
  • Our most advanced controllers
  • On/Off/Variable speed and is fully programmable.
  • Trigger feature for turning fans on and off  - can be integrated into a Data Center or building control system to trigger alerts and events
  • Contact Closures On Alarm
  • Select between F and C
  • Compatible with All CCI Low Voltage Fan Products (Everything except IDF units)

There are two versions of this controller:

TC-ASC. Single controller vision which is a set top unit (simply sits on a shelf or component)
TC-ASC-2. Dual controller version which is also set top or rack mountable and features 4 additional 12V power jacks to use for other components in the system.

Inline Duct Fans (EC models) 

These can be controlled with the TC-TSTAT-EC which is fully programmable and designed with the professional installer in mind with various and advanced control options and settings.

Inline  Duct Fans (High Voltage models)

High Voltage fans can be controlled with the TC-AVC which is actually a very cool controller for high voltage applications.  It features several relays for what be some very advanced control features.

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