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Gift Ideas for that AV Enthusiast on your Shopping List!!!

We can definitely sympathize with struggling to find that perfect holiday gift for the audio video enthusiast on your list due to their particular ways and all the different accessories out there...  How about giving them a lifetime of protection for their system?  While perhaps it's perhaps not very glamorous, cooling is something they can always appreciate and we offer products that are perfect for most any system and if they want to swap it out, well, that's what our awesome customer service is all about!

These products should be readily available at your local distributor or can be purchased online using the links below.  Please beware of unauthorized online sales as unauthorized sales will not be warranted and cannot be exchanged...

DUO Cooling Unit

If the AV enthusiast on your list is a true enthusiast, nothing gets them more excited than something new!  For this reason we're offering a special promotion on a new to market product and in fact, they will be the first to receive the products.  The great thing about this product is it's not only budget friendly and will last them a lifetime, it's multipurpose making it the perfect gift.  It can be used to vent a cabinet or as a component spot cooler.  No doubt they will put it to good use and appreciate the very cool gift, literally and figuratively!

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Component Cooling Unit

A great gift with a little more gusto is the Component Cooling Unit, it's a very aggressive unit and can be used in a variety of places in most any system.  There are various units with different features and options but the basic 2 Fan unit can always be upgraded later to the other versions.

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Temperature Controllers

If you want to add a little extra joy to their present, we would recommend one of our temperature controllers to go along with the cooling units.  Typically we would recommend the Basic or Advanced Lite Controller but if they are crazy serious about their systems then no doubt they would love the Advanced System Controller which has ALL the bells and whistles.

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This is just a small sampling of great gift ideas which if would like any other ideas or to design something specially for them and their beloved equipment, please just email us at [email protected]

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