Cool Components Once again leads the way with Harsh Environment Products. With an IP68 rating, CCI chose the highest level of protection versus those that will inevitably market such fans and products but with a lesser rating which equates to, lesser protection from the environment, normally from moisture, dust, debris...

While we do not expect anyone to submerge the fans, there is the saying but unfortunately not very prevalent in today's product development, but if going to do something, do it right, do it the best you can and the bottom line is the IP68 rating is the best you can buy.  Other products with differing ratings do provide some level of protection but the irony is the cost is negligible, it just comes down to if a company is fully committed to quality and thus their customers.

IP Rating Information.  Lets cut to the chase, the first number in the rating addresses dust resistance.  While there are levels 1-4, the more common you'll see are 5 and 6.  Level 5 means 'dust protected' while level 6 means dust tight.  The second number refers to moisture protection and goes like this:  Level 1: Protection against dripping water, Level 2: more aggressively dripping water, 3: Spraying water, 4: Splashing Water, 5: Water jets, 6: powerful water jets, 7: immersion up to 1m depth, 8: Can immerse the fan in water to more than 1 meter.  Now apply that CCI's products are rated IP68, the best available.

Application.  Now what does the IP rating really mean and how does it equate to electronic systems?  The most common application for the IP fans in the residential market will be outdoor applications where heat, humidity, and perhaps salt air may be an issue.  Ironically while it may seem more dramatic to have water spraying on the units, it's much more demanding to be exposed to constant heat and humidity which permeates even moderately sealed surfaces.  For this reason CCI chose the very best fan designed to be fully and permanently sealed.

For commercial applications, the IP68 rating is a no brainer and it really is a 'one size (rating) fits all'.  Be it in a dusty and dirty shop environment or with chemicals present or really any situation constituting a harsh, more demanding application where air movement is necessary.  An example is in a shop with a large CNC Router/Milling station, the use the harsh environment fans for the electronics on the system is very appropriate.

Common applications are as mentioned, outdoor and shop conditions, but additionally; outdoor LED lighting and solar applications, refrigeration and HVAC (extreme temperature applications), various IT/telecom, appliances, automotive, CCTV, and solar inverters.

Harsh Environment vs Normal Fans.  We're anticipating the feeling that harsh environment fans are better quality, that they add to longevity and are simply a better higher quality choice.  This is not correct as the standard fans are well proven in common electronic environments, even with moderately dusty environments.  With having fans out in the market for over 15 years now, please only consider and order HE fans if they are absolutely required.  We just hate to see people purchase anything under false pretenses.  The HE fans simply go through an extreme process to seal the motor and electronic components, otherwise it is the same motor and bearing system.

Available Products.  We offer the following products with the Harsh Environment option:  HiFlo Lite and  HiFlo System (regular and pro versions).  In the near future we will have several other products available so please inquire if have a special need or application.

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