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Inline Duct Fan - Enclosure Vent System VS-IDF-EVS
Inline Duct Fan - Enclosure Vent System
Inline Duct Fan - Enclosure Vent System
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Item Description
Remote Venting Solution for Enclosures
The Inline Duct Fan - Enclosure Vent Systems are ideal for remotely venting equipment cabinetry, projectors and other enclosures. These are a complete packages to make ducting systems easier and is intended for enclosure venting applications where wish to pull air from the enclosure through ducting to the return vent system or to another area in the room/building.  The package comes with a specialty elbow designed to fit in 2x4 walls and a grill that fits into the elbow.  What is not included is an exhaust port due to the fact that it is highly recommended to vent to the HVAC return system or if simply venting back into the home, to using a box and register/grill that matches existing vents in the home or office.  It is highly recommended to have this system professionally installed as some requirements and principles will be very familiar to professionals (connecting to the return vent, existing HVAC configuration...).

The Inline Duct Fans from Cool Components Inc. features increased airflow, greater efficiency and delivers impressive air movement that will handle more demanding applications.  The fans comes pre-wired with a 120 volt power cord so powering the system is as simple as plugging it in.  The unit can also be controlled with fan controllers based on the desired package).  The fan housings are very durable with the Pro versions better suited for extreme temperatures and environments.  The units also come with an integrated mounting bracket and the 'quick connect' design allows the fan unit to be removed for easy serviceability and for replacing the fan unit without disconnecting the tubing which is just part of being designed for professional use.


The Ceiling Vent System comes complete with 4" Inline Duct Fan Unit (3 choices), 25 feet of 4" Non-Insulated Duct Tubing, a 4" Elbow and Grill to Mate with the Elbow.  This system can also be used in conjunction with other Cool Components rough-in boxes and passive grills for intake or exhaust. 


The New Inline Duct Fan - Ceiling Vent System from Cool Components Inc. offers extreme versatility and great value.  The quality construction and innovative features coupled with the ease of installation will make this product the obvious choice for the custom installer as well as the DIY installer for many applications. 

Available Packages

VS-IDF-EVS-4 This is the 4" Standard Residential Package (Includes VS-IDF-4 Fan Unit)

VS-IDF-EVS-4PRO This is the 4" Professional Series Package (Includes VS-IDF-4-Pro Fan Unit)

VS-IDF-EVS-4EC-PRO 4" Low-Voltage Controllable Professional Package (Inc. VS-IDF-4EC-PRO Fan Unit)

  • Packaged for Convenience Ordering
  • 3 Packages To Meet Precise Needs and Budget
  • Designed for Venting Cabinets, Projectors, and Enclosures
  • Maximum Durability, Efficiency & Effectiveness
  • Includes 4" Inline Duct Fan, 25' Flex-Duct, Elbow & Grill 
  • Utilizes 4" Ducting for Intake and Exhaust (Flex, metal, plastic ducting)
  • Pre-wired with a 120 Volt Power Cord for Easy Power Connection
  • High and Low Speed Selectable in Wiring Configuration
  • EC Version Controllable with TC-ALTv2 Controller    
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