Usually most of the issues experienced with ordering has been related to the ordering process. Most issues are resolved by simply working through the checkout process and reading the instructions as you proceed. If still having problems please contact us by using any one of these methods.  There are some notes below and if that does not help, please use the methods to contact us.

Payment Processing - When Payment is Processed. If there is a mistake or question regarding an order, do not worry, we do not process credit cards until the order is ready to ship so you can always submit an order and then follow up on it and changes can be made prior to processing.

Issues Logging In. The biggest issue logging in is password issues.  If you are certain you have entered your password correctly, please reset the password and if experience issues with that, please use the methods above to contact us and we should be able to resolve the issue very quickly.

Processing Issues. Typically incorrect payment information and incorrect e-mail addresses are the primary issues we encounter.  To avoid delays in processing, ensure to enter this information correctly.  Please also ensure to check e-mails because if there is a problem with an order, we will not proceed without being in contact first.

Dealers.  Issues related to dealers is usually related to ensuring that you are registered and logged in as a dealer.  When ordering, you are able to enter Purchase Order numbers and proceed through the checkout process accordingly.

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