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Venting Rooms & Equipment Closets

These products have been designed for venting rooms and closets where heat is either a problem or simply makes the room less comfortable. Often times home theaters with the components installed in the same area end up being warmer than other rooms which usually the opposite is desired - a nice cool theater! The best solution is to vent the warmer air to another part of the house.

     Quick Reference To Room & Closet Venting

  • HiFlo Pro (VS-HF-PRO) - The HiFlo Pro unit is designed for venting rooms and closets through a wall into an adjoining room room or space.
  • SlimSix (VS-S6) - This unit is included in this category because it's very common to install this unit in a door of a closet.
  • Inline Duct Fan (VS-IDF) - The Inline Duct Fan was designed to economically and efficiently remotely ventilate projector enclosures, cabinets and closet
  • Ceiling Vent System (VS-CVS) - The Ceiling Vent System was designed for more aggressively venting rooms and closets.
  • Ceiling Grid Vent System (VS-CGVS) - The Ceiling Grid Vent System was designed for aggressively venting rooms and closets with a drop ceiling.

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Products (Total Items: 5)

HiFlo Pro
HiFlo Pro
Aggressive Unit for Venting Cabinets & Closets
Available with 4 Grill Colors & Real Wood Options

SlimSix System
SlimSix System
For intake and exhaust through toe kicks, cabinets and closet doors

Inline Duct Fan
Inline Duct Fan
Various ventilation applications; from equipment rooms and closets to projector enclosures, cabinets and racks

Ceiling Vent System - Grill Assembly & Fan Unit
Ceiling Vent System - Grill Assembly & Fan Unit
Primarily for New Construction
Aggressively & Efficiently Vent Rooms & Closets through HVAC Return System

Ceiling Grid Vent System
Ceiling Grid Vent System
Ventilation system for drop ceilings

Important Consideration

It is very important to NEVER vent air out of the home! The only exception are bathroom and kitchen venting as that air is considered undesireable where air that is simply heated by components should be recirculated through the house. HVAC systems are designed to recirculate air and in the summer, warm air from the house is simply reprocessed into cooler air. In the winter, that heated air can be utilized as part of the HVAC system as well.

When venting out of the home though, that air is replaced by air from either the attic or outside which can be hot, humid, dusty, smelly, etc. It takes more energy for the HVAC to 'condition' that air than air simply heated by components.
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