Cooling Systems:  Recessed TVs & Projectors
TVs and projectors produce significant amounts of heat which can accumulate if enclosed in a cabinet, wall recess, or enclosure.  The best way to vent these is to provide ventilation through the back, sides, and top of the unit.  The top is particularly important since the heat will naturally rise and want to escape by the easiest path.  You can however vent the enclosed area if you want a tight fit around the TV.  The following products can be used for this application depending on the situation.

Universal Cooler for Rececessed TVs & Projector Enclosures

Recessed TV Applications.  With the angle of this unit, it easily and effectively facilitates the natural convection process associated with the heat created when Plasma or LCD televisions are recessed into the wall, cabinet, or other enclosure.  Simply mount the Universal Cooler to the wall near the top of the recess (or cabinet) so the airflow moves cooler air from the bottom of the unit up and over the top of the TV.

Projector Enclosure Applications.  The angle of the unit also makes it perfect for mounting either above the projector or the enclosure itself to move air around the projector and out the front of the enclosure.  This is primarily for use when the front of the enclosure is open and air can easily flow around the projector.

Plasma Vent System for Recessed TV Installations

When a plasma TV is recessed in a wall and if the opening is relatively tight, it is essential to provide additional circulation and ventilation.  The challenge is to complement, or not detract from, the 'finished' appearance of the installation while still being effective.  One solution for this is to vent through the wall cavities and we have designed the perfect system for this application.  We still recommend using the Universal Cooler whenever possible but this system works well with professional installations.
Slim Vents for Projector Enclosures
The heat generated by projectors can be overwhelming and when projectors are mounted in enclosures, proper heat dissipation is fundamental to the proper operation and longevity of any projector.  By using two or four Slim Vents, most any LCD or DLP projector can be adequately ventilated to ensure optimal performance.
It is also important to note that while it is temping to vent projector enclosures to the attic, you NEVER want to vent air out of the home.
HiFlo Vent System for CRT Projectors
For the larger CRT projectors which also generate huge amounts of heat, an enclosure can be easily cooled using the Basic HiFlo Vent System.  Since this system can be operated silently, it is the perfect solution for more demanding situations.

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