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  Application Notes for Venting Systems
Venting systems simply referred to moving air out and away from systems.  The venting principle is applied when components are installed in a cabinet, enclosure, or even rooms and closets where the temperature can rise due to the heat generated by components.  Whereas the cooling products protect individual components, using the ventilation products increases circulation to the system as a whole.  We usually recommend using a combination of the cooling products to protect the individual components and then venting products to protect the system as a whole.

Push vs. Pull.  When venting a cabinet or entertainment center, you typically start with venting air out of the cabinet.  This would essentially be 'pulling' the air out of the cabinet and this can be accomplished by using the Cabinet Vent or HiFlo Lite Vent.  Most attention should be given pulling air out and away from components. 

In the event that a cabinet is sealed or may have problems moving air into the area, an additional vent fan may be installed to 'push' air into the cabinet.  This will create a good flow of air in the cabinet and the best configuration would be to install the 'pulling unit' near the top of the cabinet and the 'pushing unit' lower as the hot air naturally rises.  Again, more attention should be given to pulling air out of the cabinet as even a small gap around a door can let in adequate air when pulling air out of a cabinet.

Additional Considerations.  When installing vent fans, ensure that the fans and components do not interfere with one another.  The best position is in the rear area behind the components.  Also ensure that any holes or openings where a fan is pulling air is blocked by using tape or another material to stop air from not properly flowing through the cabinet.
Important Consideration
It is important to NEVER vent air out of the home.  The only exception are bathrooms and kitchen vents as that air is considered 'undesireable' where air that is simply heated by components should be recirculated through the house.  HVAC systems are designed to recirculate air and in the summer, warm air from the house is simply reprocessed into cooler air.  When venting out of the home, that air is replaced by air from either the attic or outside which can be hot, humid, dusty, smelly, etc.  It takes more time and energy for the HVAC to 'condition' that air than air simply heated by components.  In addition, in the winter, why not utilize the warmer air thoughout the rest of the house as well?
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