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Wall Duct Box - 4x4 VS-WDB-HFL
Wall Duct Box - 4x4
Wall Duct Box for Use with HiFlo Lite
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Item Description
Intended for New Construction or for when Walls will be Opened for Other Work
This Unit is Ideal for Roughing-In Behind Built-In Cabinetry that will House Audio Video Equipment

This rough-in box is intended to be installed during construction or as a part of renovation work. This is similar to the HVAC register boxes that are installed inside the walls or ceilings and connected by tubing run inside the walls to vent to another area in the home. These products will efficiently and optimally move the hot air surrounding electronics to another area in the home, or preferably to the HVAC return system.  Venting to the return system or other larger areas in the home allows the air to appropriately mix with the air in the home and then be recycled by the HVAC system.

The wall duct boxes have been designed to fit within a 2x4 wall so no additional framing is required (except possibly at the top plate).  This rough-in box is designed to be used in conjunction with our HiFlo Lite (VS-HFL) fan unit or with the GR-45 grill.
The box has been designed with new construction in mind while considering thermal and accoustical principles.  The box is accoustically treated to reduce noise within the box and to help prevent the noise from the fans from resonating through the vents. With these units, you can design your cooling systems during construction and once the system is roughed in, installing the fan units will only take minutes at trimout.
This Box is to be Used with 3" (7.6cm) Tubing/Ducting
  • Engineered To Efficiently Move Hot Air from Cabinets, Rooms & Closets to Another Part of the Home
  • Compatible with the HiFlo Lite Vent and GR-45 Grill
  • Designed to Fit Within 2x4 Walls Reducing or Eliminating the Need for Additional Framing
  • Boxes are Acoustically Treated to Reduce Noise from Moving Air
  • Use with 3” (7.6 cm) Tubing

Installation Instructions for Rough-In Boxes
For Wall Duct Boxes – 4x4 & 4x8 Units

These boxes are intended to be used in walls and have been specially designed to fit within 2x4 walls. This reduces or eliminates the need for additional framing except potentially at the top plate. Generally these products will be installed during the construction of the home so any framing should not be a major issue.

Determining Placement.  For venting cabinets, typically the 4x4 unit would be used and this mates with the HiFlo Lite Vent products.  The ideal situation would be to install the vent during construction in areas where there will be built-in cabinetry that will need to be vented. The 4x8 unit would be appropriate to vent equipment closets and should be located in either the upper area of a wall or in the ceiling.

For determining the placement of the exhaust end you need to determine where to vent to.  Typically you want to vent to an adjacent hallway, closet, or best case scenario, an HVAC return vent. Ensure to consider aesthetics when determining the placement. Another consideration is that you can use boxes interchangeably for the exhaust.  In other words, if you use a 4x4 for the fan unit, you can use a 4x8 for the exhaust and then perhaps use a standard and matching 4x8 HVAC grill (4x8 is a standard size for HVAC grills).  At the same time, if you use a 4x8 box and HiFlo System for venting a closet, the 4x4 can be used for exhaust if one of those grill options better fit your application.

Installation.  Once the placement has been determined and also the route of the tubing, simply screw the unit to the wall or ceiling framing utilizing the drywall flanges on the grills.  A horizontal/cross support can also be added so the box is fastened on two sides – one on one of the vertical flanges and one on a horizontal flange.  When mounting the boxes, ensure that the opening of the box is square.  It is very common for these boxes to be out of square during their production and handling.

Once both boxes are set, the intake and exhaust boxes, then connect the 3” (7.62cm) tubing that you have selected. If running through an attic, ensure to use insulated tubing or ensure that attic insulation will fully cover the tubing – this can be achieved by fastening the duct to ceiling joists that will inevitably be covered with insulation. When connecting tubing, ensure to use an appropriate foil HVAC duct tape and ensure a tight seal has been achieved. Regular ‘duct tape’ is not sufficient as it will break down over time.

Roughing in For Power.  When installing the tubing, you can run a power wire through the tubing and into the intake box – just ensure where it enters the tubing is sealed with HVAC tape. This will make for a very clean and easy trim out.  Just run the other end of the power wire to the point where you will plug in the power supply. Also note that you can run a standard 2-conductor wire for the power wire and splice on a connector for the fan unit.

Notes.  Ensure to follow all code requirements and consult with HVAC or general contractors on your project to ensure that your work will pass inspections. This installation will be new to inspectors and may be scrutinized. All boxes should be completely code compliant but codes do vary greatly from region to region.

Use safety devices and precautions as necessary or as required.

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