Modular = Professional / Customizable

Integrated = Consumer / One size fits all

The current bad trend in cooling products is to include all-in-one products which usually appears to be more convenient, easier to spec, and just all the way around preferred, so why does Cool Components deploy a modular/ala-carte approach to the products? 

Reliability.  One of the most important features of professional products is reliability. Often our products are protecting critical systems for customers that cannot or really do not want to experience equipment downtime.  This may be in the home, office or other environments where our products have been installed, like NASA, U.S. Naval ships and military attack subs, mission critical Data Centers around the globe.  Modular designs are more reliable because only what is required is installed.  Integrated products usually have a lot included which is not necessary so very simply, more to go bad. 

Custom Build for Your Unique Needs.  Another feature of professional and modular systems is the cooling and ventilation system can be customized to the system and needs of the system.  Some systems may only require basic functionality while others advanced features and capabilities and again, for many reasons it is best to KISS is really what it comes down to.

Easier Setup and Installation.  Of course by minimizing the number of features it is easier to setup and configure the systems.  Instead of 20 pages of configuration, 2 that apply to the features you'll actually use

Easier Troubleshooting.  What happens when that unit with integrated controllers dies?  Is the problem the fans, the controller, the power supply...?  It's basically impossible to know for certain without more advanced troubleshooting and often times it leads to just purchasing a new unit. On the other hand, with modular products, pin-pointing the problem is typically very easy and for example, the temp controller can be by-passed or the power supply can be tested separate from the other components...

Less Downtime.  When a product with an integrated controller dies, that means the entire product and perhaps system is down until it's repaired or replaced.  With a modular system you can more easily replace or bypass the faults.  For example, if the controller experiences a problem can just bypass the controller and fun the fans full time until it can be repaired or replaced.

The bottom line is that more module products are really the best and for many reasons and that is why our products are considered Professional Grade!

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