Our goal is to offer quality products, keep sufficient inventory of those items, and provide exceptional service within the scope of our market and intended customer base.  We state this because our products and service are intended for professional low voltage contractors..  We will attempt to assist most anyone but we are not structured to allow for extensive support educating potential customers on the many products we offer.  Our intended customers are familiar with and understand the application, use, and installation and troubleshooting of audio video systems and accessories.

Ordering Methods

Orders must be placed via the website as we are not able to process credit cards manually any longer (blame PCI compliance)!  We will make exceptions for government or educational institutions where purchasing systems and requirements do not allow for online purchasing.

Payment Options

We accept Visa and MasterCard. We also accept company checks but payment must be confirmed prior to shipping. When paying by credit card, the payment is processed when the order is ready for shipping, not when the order is placed.

For government and educational institutions (or on an individual basis) we will accept purchase orders.  Please contact us if you need or wish to submit an order via purchase order (click here to contact us).

Fulfillment Policies

Our policy, while reasonably flexible, is to only ship orders complete and to process and ship all orders within 24 to 48 hours (1 to 2 business days).  We do keep must items in stock so out of stock situations are very rare.

Shipping Complete Orders.  By shipping orders complete we mean that if an item is backordered, we will immediately be in contact but we will generally hold the entire order until the order can be shipped with all products included. You will have the option to ship the available products and to send backordered items later but additional shipping charges will apply.

Fulfillment Time.  We offer a quick turnaround once orders are placed by shipping orders within one to two days of when the order is placed (relative to normal business days and excluding holidays). 

To expedite receipt of goods, you can select expedited shipping methods such as Next Day, 2nd Day, or 3 Day Select.  However, please note that these expedited shipping methods only apply to normal business days.  Also consider that we are located in central Florida so orders within Florida (not including the panhandle) normally arrive the next business day once shipped and orders to California can take up to a week.  In some cases we may be able to expedite processing but only within reason.  In other words, please do not even ask at 4 pm EST if an order can go out the same day.  Our processing staff is gone and UPS has come and gone...  That scenario even typically exists at 3 pm!  Other factors may include general time constraints such as order volume for the day.  In such cases, please simply understand that we will do our best to work with you but it will not always be possible.  For this reason, please plan accordingly and ensure to order in plenty of time for your installs!

Please Note that we DO NOT Guaranty Delivery Times, that is the responsibility of the shipper.  If there is a problem, it is not our responsibility to contact or arrange a refund or provide other accomodations.

Shipping Information

We ship domestic orders via UPS and can ship international orders either through UPS or FedEX. We can also ship with other carriers if necessary and Next Day, 2nd Day, and 3 Day Select service is available for an additional and appropriate charge.

Warranty & Return Policy  (Click here for warranty and return info)

Privacy Statement

Tech Supply Depot will NEVER provide customer information of any kind to any other company and/or individual for any purpose!  We value the information we gather and regard it as completely confidential!

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