Venting into Sealed Attics

This page has been created because of a trend in construction where traditionally venting to the attic was the same as venting outside, actually even worse, so we won't revisit that.  The trend is essentially sealing the attic with spray foam or other materials making the attic essentially conditioned space.  This changes quite a bit in our world because it is not longer 'venting out of the house' but if your attic is still hot and humid with insulation between the ceiling and attic floor, this section isn't for you!  :)

It is still recommended if possible to vent to a return vent but if venting into the open attic and if using an Inline Duct Fan, it is important to still connect a 3-5' section of ducting to the fan and then have a bend in it. This is create back pressure which the fans are designed to have a certain amount of back pressure.  Without backpressure the fan turns with the load being on the intake and this disrupts the balance of the fan.

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